How to add a business

In order to add your business to our directory, sign up or log in to your account.

Then click “Add listing” – “Services”.

Answer the questions about added business.

Question Information
Business Owner/Associate? Select “Yes” or “No”.
Service’s Title Enter your company’s name.
Service’s Description Describe your business. Do not copy-paste text from other websites, please.
Tag Keywords Optional.
    Select categories of your services.
    Our directory accepts only following industries:

  1. SEO – Search Engine optimization services.
  2. PPC – Pay Per Click management services.
  3. SMM – Social Media Marketing.
  4. WEB DEV – Web Development. Wide industry, including Website development, website design, web development, etc.
  5. SFTDEV – Software Development.
  6. MADP – Mobile Application Development.
  7. Content – copywriting agency.
  8. Hosting – web hosting services.
  9. UX/UI – user experience / user interface.
  10. Video – Video Marketing.
    Enter Location of added company. It may be done in different ways:

  • Begin to enter the whole address except suite number in one field “Address” until address suggestions appear. Select appropriate address suggestion. All address fields will be filled and location mark will be set on the map. Add suite number into address field.

  • Click “My location” button next to the Address field. All address fields will filled and location mark will set on the map. Check and correct them. Add suite number to address field.

  • Find your location on the map and click. All address fields will fill. Add suite number into the address field.

  • Fill all address fields manually.

Select Map View Default Map
Satellite Map
Hybrid Map
Terrain Map
Time Enter Business Timing Information, eg. 10.00 am to 6 pm every day.
Phone Enter your phone number with area code.
Email You can enter your business email. Email will not be published on the site. It will be used to Sending Enquiry from your company page.
Website You can add a site of your business.
Twitter You can submit the URL of your Twitter company page.
Facebook You can add the URL of your Facebook business page.
Video Add video code here, YouTube etc.
Special Offers List out any special offers (optional).
Year of foundation When your business has established.
Language of audience Check languages of your audience.
Projects in portfolio Select number of projects in your business portfolio (Up to a hundred, Hundreds
or Thousands).
CMS Check your preferred CMS. Although you can optimize a website on any CMS, check only your preferred CMS.
Technology Check your programming language (PHP, Perl, Python, ASP.NET or Ruby on Rails).
Types of SEO Width of geo targeting (Local , National or International).
Pros Check your service’s advantages, that usually are not available. It may be Free website analysis, SEO for Startups or White label SEO reseller program.
Experienced in Marketing for In which business niche marketing is experienced your company (dental, law, etc.)
Optimizing for Search Engines for which your company performs optimization (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc.)
Add images You may add your company’s images or pictures of landmarks of your city or state. Do not steal images from other websites, please. You may publish only your own pics or the Creative Commons (CC0) pictures.